Monday, May 8, 2017

OpenStack Summit 2017 - Monday Keynotes

 Monday Keynotes

Remotely Managed Clouds
  • About 30 public cloud providers running OpenStack
PAS Tools Running Today
  1. Kubernetes (45%)
  2. Openshift (17%)
  3. Cloudfoundry (17%)
GE Healthcare Enterprise Applications
Keys to cloud success
  • Everyone must be at the table 
  • No is not an option (problem solvers)
  • Target the impossible

200+ controls supporting security & compliance since 2015

Remotely managed Requirements
  • need to access internal applications
  • Secure platform to host private or sensitive data
  • Reuse automation for compliance and cost

Private CaaS Benefits
  • Reuse enabled our speed to implement and manage environment
  • Seamless interaction with our provider
  • OpenStack allows us to tailor solution
  • Open source = no vendor lock-in

Edge Computing

Use Cases:
  • Oil Rigs
  • Manufacturing
  • Self-Driving Cars

  • Unified management across the network
  • Ability to move workloads between edge and core
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Flexible toolset delivers new services quickly
  • Vendor release coordination

Built Hosted Network Service Platform - Cloud in a box

 (impressive demo)

US Army Cyber School
  • Trains 500 students annually in problem solving within the Cyber domain
  • Using GitHub flow, changed deployment time from 12-18 months to 12-18 hours

IaaS: Broadband Handrail (BB-H)
  • Global, secure access for individual skills training
  • Courseware updated on demand by instructors
  • IaaS + Automation + CM + DevOps + Everything-as-code

(demo of CI pipeline)

(fun comic book video)

  • Managed Open Cloud must be built following the vertical design pattern of public clouds
  • Mist be maintained on a continuous synchronized cycled with all components (vertically)
  • Must be delivered as-a-service to foce the focus on solving the right customer problems

Announcement:  New global partnership with Fujitsu

DirectTV & AT&T Entertainment Group
(violence, your way) -dstaffel
  • Some confusing slides for Next Gen Video Platform (photo)

Using Openstack (Mitaka) for:
  • Content Processing
    • Encode
    • Encryption
  • Business Applications
  • Content Ingest

  • Using Heat Templates for CICD
  • K8S / Docker
  • Microservices
  • Hybrid Cloud

  • Containers/ Baremetal
  • Function as a Service
  • Serverless Computing
  • More K8S
  • Seamless Hybrid Clouds

(application demo) - on Apple TV


EBay (multicloud)

Cloud Stats (as of Q1-2017)
  • 167k VMs
  • 13PB Storage
  • 68k managed BMs
  • 95% traffic on cloud
  • 4k applications
  • 100B URLs per day

Why Kubernetes?
  • App centric
  • open source
  • container support
  • model driven
  • declarative
  • active community
  • sophisticated scheduling
  • geo federation (multi-datacenter)

Kubernetes today at eBay:
  • 22k cores
  • 6 availability zones
  • 178 apps
  • 4.2k pods
  • Support for bare metal, GPUs, VMs
  • Powered by OpenStack

Some workloads:
  • AI Platform
  • Elastic Search
  • Edge Services Stack
  • Kafka
  • Network Automation
  • Distributed NoSQL

Some challenges:
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Logging & Monitoring Integration
  • Application LCM
  • Application Security
  • High Availability
  • App CMDB Model
  • OpenStack, Compute, Storage, Network Integration
  • Security Standards
  • Container Registry

Introducing: TessMaster
  • Full lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters across multiple providers (on OpenStack)
    • Model Driven
    • Declarative
    • Built on the Same Principles as K8s
    • Closed Loop
    • State Aware
    • Self Healing
    • Drift Proof

( live demo)

  • Designed to be Multi Provider
  • Currently implemented for VirtualBox and OpenStack
  • Open source in the next few months

Q&A with Jim Whitehurst (CEO RedHat)
  • Before RedHat he was COO at Delta Airlines
  • Much more open culture with RedHat
  • Originally RedHat was a Xen developer, fragmented into many flavors
  • Switched to KVM because a single open upstream community


Data from OS User Survey:
  • 66% of OpenStack deployments are in production

Top 3 reasons orgs use OpenStack:
  1. Avoid Vendor Lock In
  2. Accelerate Innovation
  3. Increase Operational Efficiency

Neutron: ML2 plugin for OVS with OVN edge agents
Production Deployment: Triple-O and HEAT

Daniela Rus
Director of the Computer Science and AI Laboratory