Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Switching to Google Cloud DNS

So my yearly randomhack.com DNS hosting bill was due again and my current provider, DynDns, had an old credit card on file.  For years Dyn's billing had been on our main account and I had not noticed that the auto-renewed price had gone up.  I remember signing up and it was maybe $30 a year.  Well, today's cost for hosting a single zone on DynDNS was $60/year!

I use Google services for pretty much everything, so I thought I would look up what the Google hosted DNS services cost.  I was really not expecting the cost to be so low, but believe it or not, Google can host your DNS services for as little as $0.60/month for your first 1 billion queries.  RandomHack gets about 6000 queries a month...

Oh and it's only $0.40/month for another billion queries, just in case I go over.  HA!

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