Monday, August 31, 2015

VMworld: Opening Keynote

The first General session introduced the term Unified Hybrid Cloud.  VMware is continuing to push the vCloud Air product as a solution and brought several big industry names out such as DirectTV to talk about how they are utilizing VMware's public cloud and SDDC products for their business.  Here's a few of the noteworthy announcements:

Unified Hybrid Cloud Announcements
  • New EVO: SDDC Manager Application
    • Non-disruptive lifecycle automation including firmware updates for the hardware
  • Content Library in vSphere 6.0 will be able to sync automatically with vCloud Air
  • Cross-Cloud vMotion Tech Preview
    • Tech preview of live migration between private and public clouds, both directions!
Cloud Native Apps Announcements
  • VMware Integrated Containers  (finally!!)
    • Docker containers are supported using a new lightweight Photon VM
    • Uses a 1:1 ratio instead of many:1 that is common with Docker hosts
      • This is done for security, a big concern in container based solutions
      • Allows NSX to apply security on the per-container network interfaces
      • The performance hit is actually very small, Photon VMs power up in less than 1 second
    • Photon includes two main components:
      • Open Source Photon Controller
        • Distributed multi-tenant control plane
      • Photon Machine
        • ESX based "Microvisor"
    • Distributions include:
      • Subscription based model
      • Subscription based and bundled with CloudFoundry
Everyone seems pretty excited about the cross-cloud vMotion demo.  I was actually more impressed with the news about container support.  They showed a demo of deploying a Kubernetes and Mesos clusters within minutes, including large scale deployments of 1000 containers in about 30 seconds!

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